Managing Your Subsription to the List

Posting to the list

To post a new message, send an e-mail to the ALL-kids list, direct it to (Of course, you have to be a member first. To join, see below.)

Contact a list administrator

If you want to talk to a list administrator, send an email to The current administrators are Patty and Katie.

Access the list interface

You can join or leave the list, change your subscription options, change your email address, post to the list, read posts, or search the ALL-kids archives by going to the subcribers web interface page:

The above web page gives all subscribers the option to:

"Browse the archives" is how you read current posts to the ALL-kids list without accessing your own email account. Click on the current month to read the current posts. If you do not like to receive a lot of e-mails, you can set your account to "no mail" and then you will not receive e-mails, and you can still read posts and post to the list via the web interface. (You will need a password, see below.)

Note: You cannot access the archives unless you are a member of the list and set up a password.

How to set up a password

If/when you need to set up a password, the software will guide you through it automatically (and usually intuitively).Go to When the window opens:

(A potential problem: If you already have a cookie from ACOR, please delete it from the cache in your computer and start all over again.)

Change your own subscription settings

First, go to the subsciption page via this link:

You may have to login in to see this page. Then, you should see your name and email address, and then the headings below followed by radio buttons:

The join or leave the list buttons are self explanatory. Note: if you are thinking about leaving the list because of high volume, you might first want to consider the "digest" or "no mail" options explained below.

Under the other headings, the most frequently used are subscription type and miscellaneous.

Email Address

If your email address changes, type in a new address in the "Email Address" box, then scroll down and click "update options". If you have any problems, contact the list administrators for help.

Subscription type

Most people subscribe with a regular subscription, where they receive individual posts from listmembers each day. Other options are available under Subscription type. The second most common subscription type is "digest". In digest mode, you receive one long email each day. This long email contains all of the individual posts from the list for that day. Some people like this method, since they then receive a lot fewer emails. The mime, html, traditional, index modes are variations on the regular and digest modes.

Mail header type, Acknowledgement

These are rather esoteric options; click on the question marks to see what they are all about. The default options work for most subscribers.


The most-used miscellaneous option is "Mail delivery disabled temporarily". We frequently refer to this as "no mail". Under this option, you can remain a member but stop receiving any posts from ALL-kids by checking the box "Mail delivery disabled temporarily [NOMAIL]". This is useful if you are going to be on vacation. But many members prefer this as a permanent option, and access the list solely via the web browser interface, as explained in the paragraphs at the top of this page.


(Not currently used in ALL-kids.)


Click on the "Unsubscribe (ALL-KIDS) option.

REMEMBER: If you change any of your subscription options, don't forget to click on "update options" near the bottom of the page.

Additional Help

If you have any trouble with the above, just email the list administrators for help.

A full user manual is available at the Lsoft website: