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This ALL-kids web site is authored by Patty, who is also the author of the ACOR-hosted web site, the Ped-Onc Resource Center. The Ped-Onc site covers all aspects of all childhood cancers, from causes of childhood cancer to treatment to advocacy to emotional and psychological issues to financial issues and more. The most expansive disease-specific sections cover ALL. Rather than duplicating information, when applicable, links to the ped-onc site are provided below.

View a great online video about ALL produced by Toronto Sick Kids hospital.

Highly recommended book

If you do not have a copy of Childhood Leukemia by Nancy Keene, you can request a free copy from the American Childhood Cancer Association (formerly Candlelighters):

About ALL

Main ALL web page on ped-onc (includes links to information on ALL at professional institutions)

Childhood ALL Treatment as a Paradigm for Genomic Medicine Implementation (2013)

Monoclonal Antibody Therapy (2012)

Targeted therapies for childhood ALL (2011)

Recently identified genetic alterations in childhood ALL and the TARGET initiative (2011)

New treatments for ALL

Types of ALL: pre-B, B, and T cell leukemias and how they determine this

Molecular characterization of ALL: karyotypes and cytogenetics: discussion of hyper/hypodiploidy, translocations, point mutations, deletions, list of the translocations that have known prognostic factors

Clinical trials/protocols for ALL: background and general information about protocols and trials; prognostic factors that direct treatment

ALL clinical trial listing: lengthy list of current/past trials and lay outlines of each

Minimal residual disease, or MRD: Probably a lot more than you want to know about MRD; you can always stop at the first page and the introduction for the basics.

Bibliography of pertinent/interesting journal articles on ALL.

Environmental causes of leukemia: Who is studying the epidemiology of childhood leukemia and what they have found out.

Relapsed ALL

ALL-kids relapsed list: email list specifically for parents of children with relapsed ALL (also a good resource for parents of children with high risk ALL who are undergoing a transplant)

Relapsed ALL: questions for parents to ask at relapse

Chemotherapy vs transplant as treatment for relapsed ALL

Protocols for relapsed ALL, past and current

Questions to ask the transplant team

Bibliography of relapsed ALL journal articles

Off-treatment issues of ALL

Off-treatment email list for parents of children who had all types of childhood cancer: ped-onc-survivors

Late effects of childhood cancer on the ped-onc resource center

Childhood Cancer Support Issues

Family support issues (financial issues, education, kids, teens, make-a-wish, cancer camps, coping helps, airline flights, books and videos, more)

Links to a lot of miscellaneous items for parents and for kids

Treatments and procedures (ports, blood counts, dealing with side effects, bone marrow transplants, more)



And a really nifty way to find what you are looking for:

Letters to send to your child's school about contact with chicken pox and other infectious diseases:

These originated on the Squirrel Tales site, and have been made specific for ALL and in addition translated into Spanish:

Another Chicken Pox letter, on the ped-onc resource center: