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What/Who is ALL-kids?

"ALL-kids" is an Internet email list, often called a listserve. The subscribers to the ALL-kids list are parents and caregivers of children who have been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, or ALL. The parents/caregivers discuss all aspects of treatment for ALL, thus providing all members a wealth of knowledge about this rare disease. Parents also openly and freely discuss the social, psychological, and emotional impacts of being a "Cancer Parent".

Most of the active listmembers have children currently in treatment for ALL, although a good number of parents whose children have gone off treatment remain on the list to lend experience and encouragement to new members. Some parents on the list lost their children to ALL; these parents, too, remain on the list for the community and to help other parents.

How do I join ALL-kids?

There are a couple ways to join the list:

What happens after I join?

You will begin receiving emails from the listmembers as they post to the list – ALL-kids averages 20-60 emails a day. We encourage all subscribers to be participants; until you are ready to post to the list we ask that you make a small private introduction to the list administrators. The reason for all new members to check in with the list administrators is to help us be sure that all members of the list are parents or caregivers of children with ALL – we try to protect the privacy and confidentiality of members from spammers or listminers.

We hope you will post a brief introduction about yourself to the list as soon as you feel comfortable, but if you prefer to "lurk" it will be allowed as long as you send an introduction privately to the list administrators.

Please note: If you do not provide an introduction - either personal or to the list - within a month of joining, you will be deleted from ALL-kids.

How do I post to the list?

Send an email to:

Sometimes it's easiest to simply hit "reply" to a current post to the list. Be sure to change the subject if you are changing the thread of the conversation!

Who "hosts" ALL-kids?

ALL-kids is hosted by ACOR (Association of Cancer Online Resources). ACOR hosts over 100 cancer related mailing lists. "Hosting" means that they buy and take care of the computers and software that sends/receives all the emails to all the lists (over 1.5 million emails per week!).

Is it free?

Yes, it is free. But ACOR is a not-for-profit always and can use donations. If you are in a position to donate to ACOR, please do! Follow the link below:

I can't handle all the emails, what can I do?

If your "in box" is getting jammed with too many emails, you have two options:

1) Set your subscription to "no mail" and interact with the list solely via the web interface. In other words, you will open any web browser and go to and click on the current month, and from there you can read posts to the list, reply to a post, or create a new post. To do this, you will need to set up a password (the software guides you through this process).

2) Choose the "digest" option. With this option, you will receive one email per day that contains all of the posts to the list.

For help with setting to "no mail", "digest", or passwords, go to:

What are my subscription options, and how do I change them?

The "no mail" and "digest" options are the most commonly changed options (see above). Another common task is to change your own email address. Some members like to fine tune other miscellaneous options. See the ALL-kids subscription page and/or the ACOR list FAQs page for more information. And if you want help, do not hesitate to ask one of the list administrators – that is what we are here for!

What about privacy? Can anyone on the internet read what I post to the list?

The only people who can read what you post to the list are other listmembers. The posts to the lists are archived, but only listmembers can search the archives. But be aware that just about anyone can join the ALL-kids list. The list administrators are notified whenever someone joins the list, and we check any suspicious email addresses, and we ask for introductions. Still, someone joining for nefarious purposes could join and lie about their identity and intentions.

Be safe: Don't post private information to the list, such as your phone number or address. If you have this personalinformation in an automatic signature, turn the signature off when posting to the list.

What is the history of ALL-kids?

The ALL-Kids email group has been around since April of 1997 - that's an eternity in WWW years!! At the time of its creation, there was no other message board or email list specific to childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia. A mom named Teri began the ALL-kids list (it was initially hosted on Teri's son is now off treatment and doing well (2010), and Teri has moved on to other endeavors. Thanks to Teri, parents of children diagnosed with ALL have a safe, friendly, and caring place to discuss issues specifically related to this type of childhood cancer.

Patty (the author of these web pages) joined ALL-kids soon after it was created and volunteered to help Teri administrate the list a few years after that. She took over all adminstrative duties when Teri left. Patty's son went off treatment in 2000. Katie joined Patty as co-administrator in 2008. Her daughter has been off treatment since 2008.

Are there rules and guidelines for what is said in the list?

New members and old members: Take some time to read the Guidelines for the ALL-kids list. Most important (but rarely an issue) are flagrant violations of appropriate behavior, for example: do not sell items or services on the list, do not mine the archives for the purpose of collecting information about members, and do not post any unlawful, fraudulent, threatening, abusive, libelous, or otherwise objectionable or harmful information.

Most of the other "rules" in the guidelines are not hard and fast. The guidelines are prompted from the past experience of the list members and administrators, and if everyone follows the guidelines, the list is a more comfortable place for all members.